Essential tools to help maintain your bike at home

May 4, 2011

Bike maintenance isn’t just about cleaning your bike and oiling the chain every now and again. If you want to keep your bike in good nick, you will have to use a variety of tools to maintain good working order. Knowing which tools are for which job will help you to make light of any work you need to complete on your bike! Here’s a guide to the basic tools you will need to keep handy:

Allen Keys: One of our top essential products here at Weldtite! Modern bikes are fitted with socket head screws, not bolts. So, to adjust your seat and stem, you will have to keep an allen key handy at all times! (Otherwise you may be in for an uncomfortable ride …)

Spoke Adjuster: Spoke adjusters can help you to prolong the life of your wheels – so you should really invest in one if you are looking to give your bike some TLC. A loose spoke can lead to the mechanical failure of your wheel, so you should use a spoke adjuster to make sure that your spokes are tightened to the correct specifications. If a spoke is loose, your wheel rim is out of alignment.

Pedal spanner: This particular tool is essential when removing pedals to carry out maintenance on your bike. You can also use the pedal spanner to adjust your pedals to make your ride more comfortable.

Chain extractor: A chain extractor helps you to remove and replace worn chains. It’s important to make sure your chain is in good condition, because a worn chain can ruin the rest of your parts. You can use a chainwear indicator to check the condition of your chain regularly.

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