Product focus: Dirt Trap Chain Degreaser Machine

November 1, 2012

As our review team members are currently putting our chain degreaser machine to the test, we thought we’d share a bit of information with you about the product.

We don’t like to blow our trumpet too much, but this one’s a corker … it makes giving your chain a good clean simple and requires minimal effort.

The machine can be used on all bicycle chains and motorcycle chains with a maximum pin length of 8mm. Cleaning efficiency is maximised with this machine because it has a really unique design. The patented chain-driven mechanism pushes the chain into the brushes during the cleaning process – the top and bottom brush rotate in opposite directions so the bristles can reach in-between the chain links.

The machine is fitted with a derailleur anchor arm so there’s no need for an extra pair of hands! The machine features a separate reservoir to pour in  the Dirtwash chain degreaser – this allows for the application of clean chain degreaser directly on to the chain throughout the cleaning process.

We’ve shared a video on our YouTube channel of our chain degreaser machine in action so you can see exactly how it works!

Once you’re completely satisfied that your chain is clean, be sure to spray the chain lightly with water or use a damp cloth. Give your chain an even coating of a high quality lubricant, such as TF2  performance, and cover all of the links.

Of course, the final part of the process is to give your chain degreaser machine a clean … don’t worry, we’ve designed the machine to be easily cleaned by making the brushes removable and outercasing transparent.

Happy chain cleaning!



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