A new breed of tyre lever – soon!

April 29, 2013

We’re extremely proud of the range of Cyclo tyre levers here at Weldtite. Just as incredible is the fact that they are still designed and manufactured at our very own factory here in the UK!

Over the last few weeks, our Review Team have had the opportunity to test a new prototype, a new form of tyre lever that will be on sale later this summer.

Paul Winn, UK Marketing & Business Development Manager for Weldtite Products Ltd said: “the real beauty of the Review Team is the fact that they really do put our products to the test. These people are bike junkies. They live for biking, the sport, the lifestyle, everything – it’s in their DNA and believe me, they’re as hard on the product as they are on us! If there’s something they like they’ll shout it out and at the same time, if there’s something they’re not keen on, they’ll certainly let us know. Their unbiased, honest opinion is what helps us to create a truly awesome product that delivers. I’m extremely proud of the 37 bikers that we have working with us.”

Feedback includes:

Its slimmer design makes it easier to find that first bit of leverage for the tyre and also reduces the resistance when sliding the lever around the rim

Putting the 2.5″ DH tyre back on was very easy and quick. There was no flex or worry about the leaver snapping

Slick and light weight

The low profile means that it takes up almost no room in in a rucksack of saddle bag

I have no doubt that they will last for years

The tip of the lever is excellent, it hasn’t slipped once. Other tyre levers tend to slip sometimes

A couple of the lads were even asking where I got them from as they would get them for themselves.  Have they replaced the levers I normally carry in my riding pack?  Yes they have!!!


The Cyclo tyre lever will be available late Summer 2013. Look out for the new red design sporting the CYCLO logo.






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