July 2013

The rise and rise of Weldtite’s International Review Team

July 24, 2013

It was an idea of the biking mad bosses at Weldtite Towers just over a year ago – to create an International Review Team. They knew their products like TF2, Dirtwash and the newly introduced PURE worked to pretty high standards but they craved worldwide feedback direct from the bikers out there. All advertising was [...]

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LIGHTS… CAMERA… ACTION… The video shoot @ Weldtite Towers – Thursday 11th July 2013

July 19, 2013

The idea was simple really… Let’s show our products being made here at Weldtite Towers in Barton right next to the Humber Bridge. We’re really proud that we make our ranges like TF2, PURE, Dirtwash, Dr Sludge and Weldtite cycle repair here in the UK! I’m always talking about Weldtite Towers to you guys on [...]

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Scott Swalling rides The Army Cycling Union’s – Are You Tough Enough event

July 15, 2013

Last Sunday in some nice warm conditions I raced the Army Cycling Union’s – Are You Tough Enough event, in the 4 hours Single Speed category. The race would end with some controversy. But I am over that and looking forward. As I said the day was warm and this suited me. As I lined [...]

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Le Tour de France will always be in my soul

July 5, 2013

It started last Saturday and damn, was I excited! You see, I’ve followed the Tour de France since 1989 – that’s 14 years of my adult life – small compared to the 100 years that it’s been running now but, hey! I even remember the first time that I watched it! I’d just started at [...]

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