LIGHTS… CAMERA… ACTION… The video shoot @ Weldtite Towers – Thursday 11th July 2013

July 19, 2013

The idea was simple really… Let’s show our products being made here at Weldtite Towers in Barton right next to the Humber Bridge. We’re really proud that we make our ranges like TF2, PURE, Dirtwash, Dr Sludge and Weldtite cycle repair here in the UK!

Phil using the latest SONY Ultra HD camera

I’m always talking about Weldtite Towers to you guys on our Facebook page which really has become a biking and extreme cool sports lifestyle site with forum and a place just to drop by to say hello! Really living the biking lifestyle, we are constantly posting and sharing great sports videos from YouTube and Vimeo to our friends so this totally made sense! Many companies throughout the World are faceless with no human feel to them. This is the exact opposite of Weldtite – we are true, down to earth bikers who live the dream and we wanted you to see what we do!

Glue filling

Phil from Big Fat Pigeon Productions was brought in under the art direction of me, Paul Winn. Sheets and sheets of A3 paper along with iPads were unloaded in the boardroom containing mood boards, story scenes, graphics, typography, product placement, scripts and general ideas. A lot of technical thought and planning went into the making of the video, whilst the latest SONY Ultra HD pro cameras were used to film Weldtite Towers. In conjuction with the management of Weldtite, I wrote the voice over script which Phil and myself worked around in terms of filming.

Our friends on the Weldtite puncture repair outfit line

I was not just keen on using the next generation of cameras but insistent on it. 4k is just around the corner with the new Apple Pro making the most of it along with their new rumoured TV. I wanted a video that would glisten as a 1080p HD YouTube video through our bikers Smart TVs, MacBook Pro’s, iPads, iPhones and Smart phones. Plus with the new 4k TV, the upscaling of this video will look just great! Believe me, this time next year 4k will be the buzz word EVERYWHERE!

Weldtite's puncture repair packing

Over eight hours of footage all in Ultra HD was shot destined to be edited down into a four minute video. All editing was performed on Apple Pro and MacBook Pro Retina computers using AViD software. This is an interesting task for Phil which quite frankly, I’m glad that I don’t have to do J  Just imagine going through eight hours of good filming and trying to choose the best four minutes! Nightmare!

4K video editing using AViD software

Having over 10 years of working in the radio industry including Kiss 105, 102 and 100 along with Juice, Source and Key 103 brands, I had in mind the perfect person to voice the video. A calming, intelligent and sexy female voice was decided on for this stroll through video. The voice came from Claire Anderson, presenter of the Late Lounge chill out show on Jazz FM (think Ibiza chill out, Café Mambo, Café del Mar, Chicane, Groove Armada). Claire is best known as a voice over artist for most of the UK’s and Europe’s television commercials over the last 10 years! Living near to the beach and being an eco biker herself after years of the London grind, Claire found the script a ‘pretty cool read’.

Claire Anderson

The whole day was quite tiring as we were buzzing throughout it and living off our adrenaline. It was completely fun and I hope some of this shows in the video. I really have to give big respect to Sue, Martyn and all of the crew in the factory. Without them going out of their way to help us, we wouldn’t of achieved such a gleaming video.

Preparing your Weldtite puncture repair outfits


The Weldtite Factory video will be posted in GLORIOUS 1080p HD on our Facebook page, Twitter, and on YouTube & Vimeo from mid August 2013.

Words: Paul Winn



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