The rise and rise of Weldtite’s International Review Team

July 24, 2013

It was an idea of the biking mad bosses at Weldtite Towers just over a year ago – to create an International Review Team. They knew their products like TF2, Dirtwash and the newly introduced PURE worked to pretty high standards but they craved worldwide feedback direct from the bikers out there. All advertising was done on the newly designed Weldtite Facebook page. It was fascinating for the staff at Weldtite Towers to go through the applications and read about the people and their love for biking, adventure and interest in Weldtite’s portfolio of bike maintenance products.

So popular and successful was the concept, that in early 2013 a second phase of Review Team members was recruited, bringing a total of 38 people from Cyprus, Finland, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The idea of the review team is straight forward really, to put the product through its paces often to the extreme. The real beauty is the fact the all we ask from the reviewer is their honest opinion great, good, bad or downright shocking. Weldtite is an honest company and also a learning company meaning that it truly values the opinion of the reviewer. Each review is emailed to me and put by myself onto the Weldtite website. It is 100% untouched meaning no words are changed or removed – it is 100% genuine. I feel that this is vital as this means each review is unbiased from management and staff here at Weldtite plus it is a great way to maybe compare two products for instance a TF2 wet lube or a TF2 dry lube – each has its own merits and each reviewer will explain that in their own way, style or experience.

“A great addition to my toolbox

and I would definitely recommend Cyclo tools to my mates in the future!”

John Taylor

Our Quality Control / Research team – Colin and Sean read each review and consider every aspect and suggestion. A recent example was when we sent out a prototype of a Cyclo tear lever to each reviewer. Our mission with this idea was simple – to make the best tyre lever on the market. Feedback was tremendous with over 200 likes and dislikes. All of these were taken on board at a lengthy product development meeting. Because of this, any change to the design or even minor tweak was possible before the tyre levers finally hit production in June of 2013. Judging by customer’s feedback, we’ve created a real winner here.

The real beauty of the review team is that it is one of Weldtite’s ‘human faces’. With digital technology, broadband and social media, gone are the days of faceless companies to be replaced with companies like Weldtite that takes a real pleasure in what it does, basically, to get out there and meet our biking friends and share the passion of this outstanding sport.

Next time… Why Facebook means so much to Weldtite.

Words: Paul Winn


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