Fix that puncture! – The Weldtech ‘How To Series’ from Weldtite

December 30, 2013

So guys we’ve just produced a whole new series of ‘How To’ videos which I’ve uploaded to the Weldtite TV channel on YouTube and Vimeo. There are going to be times when you don’t have a laptop, smartphone or Apple TV to hand to watch them so, here is ‘Fix that puncture’ all ready to print out!

To fix a puncture you are going to need the punctured inner tube, your Weldtite puncture repair outfit, a pump and a bucket of water if you’re at home to help you find the puncture.

Step 1

Remove the inner tube.

Depress any further air then undo and remove the value retainer.

With the inner tube removed from the bike, check for thorns and sharp objects like glass. Run your fingers along the inside of the tyre being careful as they can be quite sharp until you find something or use a tissue.

The next step is to look at the inner tube itself.

Partially inflate the inner tube and trace where the hole is.

If you’re out on the trail and you don’t have access to water the best way of doing this is to run the inner tube along your top lip!

If you’re fixing the puncture at home you’ll be able to use a bucket of water. Pump some air in the inner tube and submerge the tyre in the bucket of water and you’ll be able to see the air coming out of the inner tube.

Mark the hole with the supplied crayon.

Take the sand paper and lightly roughen the inner tube. This gives it a porous area for the glue to take hold.

Apply the glue leaving enough overlap so that it allows the patch to sit into the glue. Leave the glue to go sticky for a few moments.

Select your patch, pull the foil away leaving the top film on and place over the puncture. Give it a good push down and leave it for a few minutes to stick.

Prepare the chalk. Rub it on the under part of the box to create the chalk powder. The idea is to put this on the slightly sticky part of the innertube as this will prevent it from sticking to the tyre.

Remove the film on the tyre patch being extra careful not to puncture the inner tube!

We’ve fixed the puncture, pump up the inner tube a little to give it some shape and put it back into the tyre.

Time to inflate and get back on the road!

Click here to watch the video in glorious HD!


Words – Paul Winn

Model – Scott Swalling


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