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April 2, 2014

It’s been another busy weekend, 2 races back to back, this weekend was round 1 of the MTB Shimano British downhill, this event was at Antur Stiniog, Wales and was featured on BBC Wales news, with over 50 world top riders.

It’s Monday morning and who’s recovering from injuries?

The team were at Antur Stiniog for round 1 of the MTB Shimano British Downhill Series 
and they started off with a brutal location which even the top riders in the world found it… challenging! With the weather turning nasty on the Friday night it left the track really wet with no tyres able to find grip on the loose slate track, 
saw loads of riders losing control at some nasty tight corners, with plenty of over the bars, face plants and one foot action with loose drifting round the berms.

The track which is best described as a mini Fort William with loose slate had everything in from big drop, gaps and steep berms. There is a few videos already about with the crashes and a track run down by Danny Hart and Josh Bryceland. As the Saturday ended the track dried out meant riders were able to release the brakes a bit more but ended with every rider on the team coming away with at least one crash each.

As Sunday morning came, the team got together for a rundown of the track to help each other where we were making mistakes and to try get past them difficult corners, but nothing was going to predict the Sunday morning seeding run with rider Luke heading over the bars and ripping the cleats from his shoes (there is a nice photo clip on the team page) so as a team, rider Stewart stepped up to share shoes which caused a few giggles changing shoes on the hot seat when Luke stomped his way into 2nd place with a 3 minutes 02 seconds, 
next rider down was Stewart who found it hard to find proper grip on the track with 2 offs in seeding and a big over the bars on his race run meant he crossed the line in a 3 minutes 42 and finished near bottom overall in category.

The rider after Stewart was Andy also having some issues staying on the bike in Saturday practice pulled out a great run in seeding which place him in the top spot for the race run, just before his run he mentioned he didn’t think he could go any faster, then did an unstoppable race run in a 2 minutes 44 seconds placing Andy in the top Spot by 3 seconds, not a bad way to meet and shake hands with his favourite bmx idol who finished in 2nd.

Last down the track was New rider Adam Marsden entering his first national race, making him nervous in his seeding run with some mistakes. As he started his run he soon got his racing head on and started his race run in great speed in 4th fastest in category through the speed trap ended with an unlucky puncture near the bridge with a slow cruise over the line in 4 minutes.
 All sums up as an all packed weekend with mechanical, crashes, laughs and enjoyable time down Antur Stiniog.

Thanks to Si Paton for putting on a massive event and his tea of helpers, marshalls and staff at the venue.

Congratulations Team on a great victory keep it up and keep having fun.

Check out and like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WeLoveMountainsDHTeam


Words: Stewart Wood




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