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May 22, 2014

Another weekend gone and 4 of the team were at Fort William in Scotland for round 2 of the British cycling Mtb Shimano series, this is one of the biggest events of the year which allows a lot of the elite riders to get that bit of practice before the World c, 75 elite riders were entered meaning a record had been broken for the most elites entered in an national event round.

For all that don’t know Fort William this track is the big daddy of tracks with a length of 2.2km , it consists of a big eye as the start gate then round some berms onto long north shore before hitting on the big rocks , this track is known for wrecking those wheels, as rider Andy found out destroying his rear wheel in practice, then after all the rocks , you entered in the first part of the woods and onto a boardwalk and back out on the track which after a couple of turns rejoined the woods , now this part of the track was badly torn apart with the bad weather and all the riders going down, dug out into big ruts and turns slipery sending many riders off course and over the bars, once the riders were safely past there, they joined back on the hard packed track past the silverline boardwalk sign and over the river gap nicknamed the “Hazzard Hoffer” if you don’t make this you will end up with wet feet. continuing on the track and over a tabletop was the fastest part of the track where riders can pick up there speed over a hip jump and onto the motorway section with large tabletops to clear after that finished with a jump down a steep hill onto the finish line.

For the team Adam Marsden, Stewart Wood, Luke Birkett and Andy Kipling knuckled down on practice and got some riding done, after the first couple runs riders were starting to get faster down the track , which saw some going over the bars as rider stewart found out on the hip jump and with rider andy following up behide him got a lucky escape riding over Stewarts bike leaving his mark in the downtube.

On race day the team got up early to get one last practice in before there seeding run, first down the track was luke with a fast run but found it tricky getting past the woods but put a good seeding run placing him 2nd 6mins 6sec which he stayed there after his race run with a great time knocking 4 secs off finish with a 6 mins 2 secs getting the 2nd spot in juveniles. Well done mate!

Stewart was up next after having a couple of big crashes in practice carried on in seeding having a couple of big offs but managed to get down in 7min 34secs. The bad luck went on into his race run with a flat tyre after the woods section ended in 31st place with a 8mins 29secs. Team rider Andy started his seeding run with a flat tyre right at the top only a few meters down the track placed him with a DNF, on his race run he didn’t give them tyres time to go down after putting in a great time of 5 mins 24secs getting him the win in Masters category , with 4 straight wins in a row now for the team. Well done mate!

Last down for the team was rider Adam , starting off his seeding run well before getting to the woods part of the course and crashing twice with a time of 6 mins 40 secs. and his luck didnt get much better for his race run after slippy over in the woods but got a down in a faster time 6 mins 21secs placed him 25th in seniors out of 53 ..well done mate and your category had to deal with all the rain which made the course much more challenging.

What a great weekend and a great start – I couldn’t be more proud of the riders on the team well done and keep it up.

This weekend the team is up Ae forest for the Scottish Downhill Association round 3, not much time for a rest as its a 4 weekend of racing in a row.

Words… Stewart Wood

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