Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team – The Gorrick Summer Monkey Enduro!

June 3, 2014

On Sunday (1st June) the Gorrick Summer Monkey Enduro took place at Caesars Camp near Aldershot in Hampshire. Tim took part in the six hour race whilst Isaac raced the two hour event.

Tim tells us his view from the race.

“This was the first summer event of Gorrick’s very popular endurance series. With the longer hours of daylight there was now a 6 hour category too which I was racing in – well it’s more time on the great singletrack! The start line saw all the usual suspects and I picked out Andy Cockburn, Craig Bowles and of course George Budd as the ones to watch. Inevitably George went off like a scalded cat. I settled in with a nice little group with Andy, Craig and Richard Penning who was super strong especially on the fireroad bits. We worked together though George was long gone! The course at Caesar’s Camp was super fun with a couple of climbs which were more than made up for by the mad singletrack dash back to the arena. Even I managed to get some airtime! On the second lap I moved clear of our group only for a branch to wind itself round my Sram XX1 rear mech and cassette, the leaves got so tangled up I had to take the jockey wheel out to remove it! This was definitely not part of the plan.

“I was joined by Andy who’d recovered after cutting a corner a bit too fine and clipping the gate, ouch. We made our way back up to Craig and Richard before Craig decided to inject some pace on a climb. I carried on the momentum but when I looked round Craig had disappeared and I was all alone. I plugged on, trying to keep it smooth then round one of the corners I came across a rather cross looking George furiously pumping his tyre. Of course, I did the gentlemanly thing and floored it! Knowing that George would be smashing it to catch back up the next few laps were flat out, I almost over did it and around the four hour mark was in danger of blowing up completely! Fortunately I think George did the same and we were locked at around 2 minutes for the rest of the race. I was well chuffed to take the win, just a shame about George’s puncture, one day we will have an epic battle!”

Isaac completed a successful day for the team winning the two hour event, “I felt pretty good getting away from the gun with just the Merida riders on my wheel for the first half a lap before I opened up a little gap leaving me out front alone. I rode a solid pace enjoying the dusty trails on the Scott Scale and completed the race in 2 hours 6 minutes. I’ve had a few issues the last few races so was great to get the arms in the air. Hopefully the good legs will stay with me for next weekend’s Southern XC.”

A huge thanks to John Newport from Vermont Images for keeping the riders fuelled with USN products throughout and to the Gorrick team for putting on another cracking event. Many thanks to all our sponsors for their on going support.

This weekend Tim will race the Bristol Bikefest 12 hour and Isaac will race Southern XC round 5.

Follow the team on Facebook. T eam/330790256947713

Mountain Trax – Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team Rider Roster.

Ben Thomas, Isaac Pucci, Sam Stean, Tim Dunford


Words… Ben Thomas


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