We Love Mountains DH Team and Glencoe – SCOTLAND!

June 27, 2014

Glencoe Scotland was the destination for four of the team last weekend, home to one of the roughest tracks in the UK. Even with the race been held on the red route track, this wasn’t going to be an easy task! After seeing three people with broken arms and another with a broken leg, this made the paramedics busy on their feet. We Love Mountains DH Team would like to wish all injured riders a speedy recovery.

The track has changed a bit from last years race and a lot of building has been going on, adding in a line of gap jumps to the bottom section, with a “make it or break it” attitude towards the finish line.

The race was classed as “The Scottish Champs” and the team like most others thought it was just another race – unfortunately it wasn’t. There were no podiums for a race winner which was a shame and misleading for those travelling 5 or more hours to get there.

Team rider Luke getting himself 2nd place in juveniles, with no podium photos so apologies to sponsors/supporters.

Saturday practice went well, with so little repairs needed and just only 1 main crash from Marc, flying off track and into a gully! Marc was ok to continue and saw the funny side of it.

That was one of those moments that we all wish we had a camera at hand.

Going into race day the team was on a high after having a good day on the Saturday. They put their heads down and got on with business.

Rider Luke sure did that after sitting on top spot after his first run in a 3 minutes 1 second, but then ran out of luck on his second run and ended with a flat just two corners before the end. Luke put in an amazing time of 3 minutes 2 seconds and finished in 2nd place.

Well Done Luke.

Next up was Justin, Glencoe was his second race of the season, and was out to prove he could nail it when he needs it.

He put in a solid couple of runs with his fastest on the second run which placed him 10th with a 3 minutes 31 seconds.

Stewart was now up and ending his unlucky crash streak with a clean weekend. He found it hard to lay off the brakes. When it came to race day, he finished with a 3 minutes 44 seconds which placed him 23rd in his category.

Finally up was Marc, with after having a strong day on Saturday, couldn’t find the pace he wanted on Sunday,

Marc finished with in a strong run with a time of 3 minutes 32 seconds placing him 17th in his category.

Well done Team,

That was one brutal bone shaking track.

Further down south was rider Adam racing at Farmer Johns in Stockport for the Northwest Champs.

These races are fun but can be deceiving, a little track through a farmers field, packed with berms, jumps, wooden north shores, after that you hit the woods. This section of the race is anybody’s, with all the roots and mud, it’s a tough fight to stay on that bike and get to the end.

Adam made sure he did that finishing 14th in category, only missing the podiums by 4 seconds,

With a time of 1 minute and 27 seconds made such a close race.

Well Done mate.

This weekend the team are down Llangollen for the British Downhill Series, with Andy sitting in the top seat in Masters and Luke 2nd in Juvenile.

This round is going to be an exciting race.


Words… Stewart Dickson


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