We Love Mountains DH Team – British Cycling MTB Shimano Series (BDS) Round 3

June 3, 2014

The team were at Ae forest last weekend for the British Cycling MTB Shimano Series (BDS) Round 3.

The track started the same as a previous SDA race over the loose steep grass corners before joining the old main line through a short bit of woods, over some tabletops, steps and mini water gap, then across the road onto a rock garden, once past there you were over a short rock garden onto a big Gap jump named “the coffin” by locals, after clearing the coffin and into the lower part of the forest with a selection of berms and loose muddy roots, a big step down jump awaits, exiting round some fast berms finishing down a very steep hill named “the Elevator.”

The weekend was the best weather we have had at the races this year, hot and sunny, but where there is pleasure there is always a pain and that was a swarm of midges, but that didn’t stop the riders going and have some fun.

Saturday practice was going good for most of the riders, having a clean day until rider Adam got into a bad crash on the rock garden, bashing his rear mech off a rock and into his rear wheel resulting in a lock up and sending him off his bike.

Adam then rested and we thought he would be out for the race, until Sunday morning came and Adam felt a lot better, managed to get a safe slow run down. Adam then just did the same in his seeding and race run, he didn’t want to waste the weekend and get that run in. He finished with a time of 2 minutes 53 seconds put him in 38th.

For rider Stewart having a great practice day enjoying a crash free Saturday certainly went into race day on a hype but that soon hit the floor crashing more times than he has fingers managed to get down in 22nd in category with a time of 3 minutes 3 seconds .

The team riders that are on a mission this season Luke and Andy, thrashing down the track both going through some wheels keeping team mechanic on his toes, well that’s all part of the game .

Rider Luke going into race day not looking too good, red faced from the sun and midge bites put in a run with some mistakes getting himself a 3rd on the podium in a time of 2 minutes 29seconds, still a great time!

Rider Andy finishing 2nd off his seeding in a time of 2 minutes 19 seconds definitely turned up the heat for his race run, after been half a second down on the split pulled it in back in the bottom of the course crossing the line and getting the win with an impressive time of 2 minutes 16 seconds – that’s 3 out of 3 in the BDS!

Can he keep it going in the next round? Another big Well Done team.

This weekend is the World cup at Fort William and time for a well earned rest for the lads before hitting Glencoe for the SDA with riders Luke, Marc, Justin and Stewart.


Words… Stewart Wood


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