Gorrick 12:12 with Mountain Trax – Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team

August 27, 2014

Over the bank holiday weekend the Mountain Trax – Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team raced the Gorrick 12:12 event at Minley Manor in Hampshire.

With Tim racing the solo category it left Ben, Sam and Isaac to team up with guest rider Scott McCarron to form a 4 man team.

Ben reports from the event.

“The event has become a regular fixture for the team with Mountain Trax sponsoring the race. I’ve been on the winning team now for the last 4 years so was keen to add another trophy to the collection. Each year the organisers create a new course and this year was the best yet. 8 miles of dry fast twisty fun trails left riders motivated to ride another lap. For the solo riders it was a tough test with many of the trails becoming very loose and dusty. The climbs weren’t long but were sharp and tiring. The masses of roots and ruts also sapped rider’s energy.

“Isaac got things going for us putting us in the lead group with the T orq, Banjo and Pedalon teams. Pedalon suffered an early mechanical effectively taking them out of the race for the podium from the start. Onto the second lap and I open a gap over the other 2 teams floating through the trails on our team issue Scott Spark 900 full suspension bike. Over the next few hours the gap between us and the Torq/ Banjo team’s slowly opened, they were left duelling it out for 2nd place. We knew however that one slip up from us and they’d be right back with us.

“As the night approached we had edged out about a minutes lead every hour so as the lights went on at 7pm we had a 7 minute lead. There was no need for us to slow down in the dark as our Exposure Reflex and Diablo lights turned the night back into day. There’s something magical about racing at night especially on a dry track like this one at Minley.

“Sadly Tim was forced to retire around 7 o’clock having banged his knee hard on the stem. After some care and attention from the support team we put him back on his bike but his day was done. Until this point Tim had ridden superbly edging out a lead of almost a whole lap over second place.

“The heavy forecast rain for 10pm didn’t materialise helping the team of 4 keep things steady and safe. Ride at 95% we agreed, no risks necessary. At midnight the bell rang and the finish flag waved. Our guest rider Scott took the well deserved applause. Top step of the podium, another win for the team, job done”.

The next event for the team is the Isle of Man End to End race on Sunday 7th September and is the final scheduled event this year. The End to End is a very special event on the calendar, hopefully it will be a great finish to what’s been a huge year for the team.

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors for their continued support.


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Mountain Trax – Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team Rider Roster.

Ben Thomas, Isaac Pucci, Sam Stean, Tim Dunford


Words – Ben Thomas


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