We Love Mountains DH Team – Round 2 of the Borderline

May 29, 2014

Last weekend, the team were at their local track at Hamsterley Forest for the Round 2 of the Borderline event and it was the English Champs. There was a lot of moaning running up to the race and people saying its more a “local race”, but owner of Descend Hamsterley, Craig and his trusty sidekick [...]

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Weldtite’s ‘Weldtech Bike Maintenance Series’

December 6, 2013

The idea was simple – make a really great series of videos that are easy to understand, to the point and can be watched on an iPhone or iPad whilst you’ve got your bike in bits! We stripped out the technical jargon found in a lot of bike maintenance videos and tried to put ourselves [...]

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Weldtite introduces the new ‘Weldtech Bike Maintenance’ series

October 25, 2013

To coincide with our new Weldtite Factory Tour – Life @ Weldtite Towers video and TF2 commercial, we decided to launch a new set of ‘how to’ videos aimed at everyone from the complete novice to the pro. For the series, we approached extreme sports man and all round super cool guy, Scott Swalling. This [...]

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Weldtite sponsors the Tour de Strawberry team!

May 17, 2013

On Friday 14th June our friends at Strawberry Marketing & Design Agency – James, Dom, Stu, Jenna and Kat along with three other friends will be on an intrepid bike ride which will take them 440+ miles to London and back in four days. The guilty man behind the idea is Strawberry’s James Greenwood. He [...]

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A new breed of tyre lever – soon!

April 29, 2013

We’re extremely proud of the range of Cyclo tyre levers here at Weldtite. Just as incredible is the fact that they are still designed and manufactured at our very own factory here in the UK! Over the last few weeks, our Review Team have had the opportunity to test a new prototype, a new form [...]

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Essential tools to help maintain your bike at home

May 4, 2011

Bike maintenance isn’t just about cleaning your bike and oiling the chain every now and again. If you want to keep your bike in good nick, you will have to use a variety of tools to maintain good working order. Knowing which tools are for which job will help you to make light of any [...]

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