The Ripped Male Model workout for 2015 – Workouts for bikers

January 22, 2015

A new year, a new start AND a really great time to work that entire body really hard ready for the spring biking season which, really is only six or so weeks away – nice thought huh! For me, that means I can ditch the cycling tights and put on my bib shorts – ah, [...]

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Christmas inspiration? You got it here!

December 15, 2014

I can’t believe that it’s a year ago since I wrote Weldtite’s Christmas wish list. Along with the crowd at Weldtite Towers, we’ve spent the last 12 months writing down ideas whenever something came along that truly inspired us. Princess Hazy did get her Tiffany wish list taken away from her this year though. Here [...]

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Workouts for Bikers!!! BOULDER SHOULDERS Part 2

November 19, 2014

Now here’s PART 2 of a workout that is truly incredible mass building and goes against my usual recommendation in terms of being suitable for both us guys and the ladies. Whilst I sincerely do not want to be responsible for ladies walking around with bulging delts and staggering traps, I’m happier recommending it for [...]

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Fort William Round 5 Scottish Downhill Series

October 8, 2014

We Love Mountains DH Team riders were racing at the height of Scotland in the final round of the SDA on the 20th September. This would be the last time riders will be able to use their DH bikes at Fort William before they close for the winter, so plenty of our riders entered with [...]

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Squatting is king! Are you brave enough?

September 25, 2014

Hey guys, here’s a leg workout that I’ve been doing once a week for the last two weeks. It’s excellent as it truly stimulates growth in the entire legs and glutes. The truly amazing thing about this workout is that IT IS PERFECT for both men and ladies. Train light and it will tone and [...]

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Workers for bikers…

August 7, 2014

Hey guys, here’s a chest workout that I’m currently doing once to twice a week and I’ll be honest with you, it’s years since I’ve enjoyed a chest workout as much as this one. It really stimulates chest growth so I’m going to share it with you! Triceps are also worked out too! Ladies and [...]

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June 17, 2014

Hey guys, it’s been a few weeks and it’s definitely time for me to share with you a workout that I’ve been doing over the past month or so, and being honest, I’m absolutely loving it with great muscle gains and strength. Ladies and Gentleman, Hipsters, Dudes and Bikers may I present to you… THE [...]

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We Love Mountains DH Team – British Cycling MTB Shimano Series (BDS) Round 3

June 3, 2014

The team were at Ae forest last weekend for the British Cycling MTB Shimano Series (BDS) Round 3. The track started the same as a previous SDA race over the loose steep grass corners before joining the old main line through a short bit of woods, over some tabletops, steps and mini water gap, then [...]

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Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team – The Gorrick Summer Monkey Enduro!

June 3, 2014

On Sunday (1st June) the Gorrick Summer Monkey Enduro took place at Caesars Camp near Aldershot in Hampshire. Tim took part in the six hour race whilst Isaac raced the two hour event. Tim tells us his view from the race. “This was the first summer event of Gorrick’s very popular endurance series. With the [...]

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Weldtite sponsors Mountain Trax – Vauxhall Motors Cycling Team updates…

April 25, 2014

6th April – After a strong showing by the team at the opening round of the Southern XC Series we were hoping Isaac could continue the positive start at round 2 at Checkendon. After a week of illness though Isaac was put on antibiotics by doctors and was left feeling a little uneasy about racing. [...]

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